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Armed with his university degree in physical training and nutrition, Olivier Bourquin headed the physical preparation section of the Swiss tennis federation. Quite naturally, this experience triggered his interest for the nutritional and micro-nutritional aspects that are all too often forgotten in the context of health training. In addition to his work with major corporations, Olivier also travels all over the world to give lectures and courses in various training organisations. He has written 3 books, two of which are best sellers in Switzerland. Not finding any training or recovery drinks meeting his high expectations, he co-founded Bourquin Nutrition - a brand offering innovating and quality drinks, supplements and food together with nutritional coaching and training.

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  de Olivier Bourquin

Today, being healthy no longer means "not being sick", but rather, being able to enjoy every aspect of our physical and physiological well-being.

Sporting abilities, happiness, libido, weight, vitality… Everything goes through the brain and nutrition. Food gives us energy, constantly renews our cells and participates in all our metabolisms. It is our natural "booster".

Cholesterol, dairy products, weight gain, excess sugars and salt, alcohol, nutritional deficiencies, diet food, allergies, gluten, etc. We are under the influence of countless false beliefs and bad habits. But the time to make a change has come with Olivier Bourquin's global, simple and modern approach that takes rythmonutrition, neuronutrition, micronutrition, detoxification and neurotypolgy into account.

Combined with regular physical activity, this effective method will strengthen your cartilage and skeleton, overcome depression, facilitate digestion, help you sleep, reduce tension and strengthen the mind.

This guide is full of delicious meal ideas and advice on sports nutrition. Rest assured that you will reach your objective simply, pleasurably and efficiently!


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