Haute 'luxury' branding

De Philippe Mihailovich, Caroline Taylor

HAUTE LUXURY BRANDING is an indispensable guide for Luxury and Fashion Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business School students. It serves to act as a foundation that covers the key theoretical models used in Parisian Luxury and Fashion business schools. It reveals the strategic thinking of true haute luxury artists and maisons and how they differ to brands. This kind of thinking will not be found in American texts on branding and provides unique strategic insights for luxury branding professionals, entrepreneurs and students worldwide.

HAUTE LUXURY BRANDING examines how the origins of early luxury and early branding still exert their influence on perceptions today. It spells out large differences in strategic management of creative luxury brands from a French perspective in comparison to the more commercial approach that the British and Americans adopted from the industrial revolution onwards.
Most importantly is the presentation of the HAUTE LUXE Luxury Pyramid and its strategic relevance. Complex models have been simplified to ensure that the reader will be able to understand and apply them even if they have no business education at all. More importantly, the thinking can be applied equally to add perceptual value to online platforms, mass market and branded B2B alike
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Publié le : 10/12/2020
ISBN : 9791026270454
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Publié le : 10/12/2020
ISBN : 9791026270461
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Philippe Mihailovich

Philippe Mihailovich worked as a Brand and Marketing Director for global blue chip f.m.c.g companies in Johannesburg and London before establishing Couture Brands, a brand development consultancy in London and New York. He became a founding theorist of Brand Architecture and Brand Stretching principles. In Paris, he infiltrated the secret world of luxury by working with leading fashion, art and luxury magazines and developed unique models which he now shares as a founding partner of the discreet luxury branding consultancy, HAUTeLUXE and as Professor of Luxury Branding at leading Fashion, Business and Communication schools in Paris and beyond.
Caroline Taylor is a partner at HAUTeLUXE and is the first foreign PhD Researcher of Luxury Jewellery Branding at China University of Geosciences in Wuhan. She has a Masters & MBA in Luxury Brand Management and International Management from the ESG-PGSM in Paris and worked for Harry Winston until she had a gun at her head during a Paris heist.