Gil Abey

Ma biographie

Writing Poetry and Fantastic tales, Painting, and Sculpturing helped him dry the tears of a past. Gil Abey wished to forget the sleepless nights led his imagination into a dream world, where his quill became the spider that spun trails into realms unknown. Fictions, Myths and Adventures took his hand. They led him to find the Iliad and the Odessy, Nordic tales of Valhalla, Trojan wars, Mahabaratha, Maha Wamsa, and Ramayanaya. He became trapped in Penelope's shawl, then he heard the magical Swan Lake of Tchaikovsky and went to Valhalla to watch Thor throw his thunderbolts. He flew to the world of Brahmins and saw goddess Sarasvathi’s four hands and Lord Ganesh’s elephant head. He visited the land of his ancestors where Ravana abducted Sita, what's left of Hanuman's bridge! Gil Abey last stop was Aquinas University, where he obtained his diploma in Bio-Chemistry and became a Chef of worldwide recognition. His life pushes him into the world of creativity with over 460 poems, five books : "The Hand of Mokdar", "Lilly in the Land of Yellits", "The Other Me", "The World of Rehya"...

These took him to the world where imagination ruled the head, where his quill became the brush that painted adventures of realms unknown revealed in his different books.

Mes publications

Garrigs “The Human Fireflies”


The Garrigs called the Human Fireflies lived in an underground kingdom in the same region as the Incas. The Incas found their existence threatened by the invading Spaniards. The Incas believed the prediction that a giant ... Lire la suite

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