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Mark Gaito has lived and worked in Paris for over twenty years. A travel writer and children’s book author, he has been published by Algonquin Press in New York City and Edi8 in Paris, France.

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In Food We Trust

  de Mark Gaito

After a cosmopolitan New Yorker moves to Paris and marries, of all people, a French country girl, he is soon whisked away to a distant place where people so strongly believe in one thing: their sacred food culture.
Not exactly melting into the crowd, as this city slicker knocks heads with the locals, he is taken aback by how food, to them, is not just something to eat, but a time-honored belief. A safe haven! A fundamental building block for a happy life!

These are France’s true food heroes, he decides, whose down to Earth cooking traditions, using only naturally acquired ingredients, are so spellbindingly delicious.

Enlightening and funny, these 10 true stories take you on a sugarcoated adventure where the gathering, cooking and eating of French countryside food is what people put their faith in! What they undoubtedly trust, during these doubtful times.


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