The Olympia Program

De Jean Notary

Camille and Dominique are the peculiar twins of Magdalena, a former Polish swimming champion, a glory of the communist regime, who disappeared prematurely. Unbeknownst to her, she unwittingly passed on to them a phenomenal characteristic that must be kept secret at all costs. For Camille and Dominique, the temptation is great to investigate the causes of this anomaly, risking the attention of unscrupulous sorcerers-in-training willing to do anything to eliminate the guinea pigs of the Olympia program and their descendants. In this mystery that touches the very foundation of life, Science and Faith each claim to provide an answer. Which one will establish the truth?

This fiction is based on many real facts exposed during the sensational trial in Berlin in 2000. The perpetrators of these crimes acted out of ideology, while others do so today out of self-interest, disregarding the physical and moral integrity of their victims..

The Olympia Program" is an adventure and action thriller that will shake up your perspective on Science and perhaps even on Spirituality.

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Publié le : 14/12/2023
ISBN : 9791040542513
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Publié le : 14/12/2023
ISBN : 9791040542520
Formats : Broché - 140x216
Pages : 374

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Jean Notary

Jean Notary is a French author who has always felt the need to transcribe the stories born in the depths of his imagination. His fictions are filled with authentic historical details and precise geographical descriptions, as well as in-depth psychological portraits of the characters. The brisk pace of his writing keeps the reader engaged until the often surprising conclusion of the plot.

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